City of Fort Myers
Departments Inside City Hall

The following departments
are located in City Hall:
Mayor's Office 4th floor 332-6847
City Clerk 4th floor 332-6740
City Council 4th floor 332-6732
City Cemetery Administration 4th floor 332-6881
Office of Management and Budget 4th floor 332-6791
City Attorney's Office 3rd floor 332-6707
City Internal Auditor 3rd floor 332-6731
Risk Management 3rd floor 332-6707
Information Systems 3rd floor 332-6765
Planning Department 2nd floor 332-6781
Engineering Department 2nd floor 332-6820
Public Works Administration 2nd floor 332-6850
Finance Department 1st floor 332-6753
Utility Services 1st floor 332-6855
Payroll Department 1st floor 332-6757
Special Assessment Administration 1st floor 332-6746

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